Courier Service App Development

              The on-demand courier service is among one of the most renowned on-demand solutions offered by Devtechnosys. We provide complete delivery solutions along with managed customer parcels so that no confusion or queries are generated from either side. Our courier delivery services have the potential to automate delivery processes and permit the customer to easily train for their parcel.

              We have also integrated some latest technology stack and reliable features at our platform to offer maximum convenience to the users and other involved parties at a platform. We have the efficiency to manage your entire courier and deliver it timely to the receiver. The courier booking options table platform is easy to proceed with and users can make the payment from multiple payment gateways provided with it.

              our exclusive courier delivery app development solutions

              Devtechnosys as a reliable courier delivery app development truly understands what it takes to boost the customer experience and remained ahead of all the other platforms. We have enough potential to create an impact on customers and offer them absolute courier services in real-time.

              Our courier service apps are tailored to the core of its requirements and feed.

              Customizable software

              We have highly customizable software and various branded suites that can easily be customized as per the user requirements and rules. All of the solutions are helping to maintain the business identity and customer authentication.

              Desired server deployment

              This solution is extremely helpful for the third parties involved with our platform as they get a choice with virtual dedicated, shared or cloud premises to deploy their solution on the server. If they are not sure to deploy it on their server then and we can easily get the job done on our platform.


              At Dev Technosys, we make sure that as our customers or other reliable platforms grow we grow along with them. The same is the ultimate benefit of our optimal cloud-based scalability solutions. Our robust infrastructure and tech stack provide high scalability to the customers so that they can get the best courier services at the comfort of their homes.

              Fastest time to market

              We make sure to conduct timely on-demand courier services so that whenever the best solution of our services is ready, other things can be preceded even with limited amendments. In this segment, we also cover the top customizable solutions.

              How Do We Empower Custom Courier App Development?

              For any on-demand app development to remain sustainable in the industry, it is extremely important to provide feature-rich and convenient services to the customers. Our platform has some amazing, flawless and innovative courier services that can immensely help the user to conduct easy shifting along with conventional support. There are various instances that we have integrated into our platform ane most prominent ones are mentioned below-

              • Fair value

                Included extremely fair quotes for reliable and convenient courier services. This also includes the comfort factor and all the necessary features which are suitable for almost any business platform and customers.

              • Feature-rich API

                users will get interesting features & other technical assistance at our platform as we have integrated the latest technology stack & feature-rich services in the segment of courier app development solutions. The feature-rich API of our platform will make it extremely convenient for the user to access the courier services.

              • 24/7 support

                even in terms of we conduct a 24/7 support system for our customers so that they can instantly get back to us if any obstacle appears. These solutions help us retain the best of courier service development.

              • Stunning UI

                we understand the importance of visual consistency for any app development platform and so, we have highly integrated the visual consistent interface in our courier services.

              • Custom Application

                The majority of the traffic is generated from mobile devices which accelerate the requirement for a convenient and handy courier service that users can easily access with any device or medium.

              • The ultimate user reaches

                it is obvious these days that technology is definitely removing geography as a hurdle for any service. Our courier solutions are specially designed to reach out to maximum users so that they can easily leverage the benefit of it.

              How Does it Works?

              The online courier services at Dev Technosys simplify the entire process of parcel delivery for the users in or out of the city. We also ensure that customers receive timely delivery without any inconvenience. As convenience and reliability is the only fundamental the working of our courier services follows

              • 1

                Selecting the slots

                in this, the customers have to select the slots regarding courier services and this process is followed by entering the shipping details. Once it is done along with other details the users can easily place the order with absolute is and the request is generated instantly.

              • 2

                Users can send a parcel

                In order to proceed, users have to register on our platform with some essential details regarding the shipment which they have to send. Once the details are filled accurately, the next step approaches the customer and they are directed to access our services in a better way.

              • 3

                Picking up by Courier person

                As soon as the user request is generated on our platform, the courier delivery person reaches your place in order to collect the parcel as soon as you generate the request. We make sure that the parcel is collected properly and only by an experienced professional.

              • 4

                Delivering to the receiver or involved person

                We are proficient with our courier services and truly understand the accuracy one expects from us. We deliver the parcel to the involved person or the receiver within an estimated time limit and the mentioned date safely.

              • 5

                Extremely easy delivery

                at Dev Technosys we make sure that the delivery of parcel remains easy and totally under control. Within a few clicks, users can easily book their requests with the parcel whenever they are required to send it. We also maintain the safety of the parcel and deliver it without any hassle.

              Looking for advanced Courier delivery app development solutions? At Dev Technosys, we feature a team of seasoned app developers having in-depth industry knowledge as well as relevant expertise to deliver the best results.

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              Revolutionary On-Demand Courier Services

              As an on-demand app development, we never hesitate to go the extra mile to deliver the ultimate level of comfort and services to our customers. Anything that can lead us to cater to and serve our customers we duly concern it.

              • Service with passion
                We assure the highest level of courier services.

              • Flexible scheduling
                We conduct pre-schedule or demand services.

              • Upfront pricing
                At Dev Technosys, users can find convenient quotes.

              • Security and reliability
                we have a fully secured platform.

              • Real-time tracking
                Our customers get live tracking and signature verifications.

              • Feature-rich API
                We provide instant gratification to our customers.

              • Fleet replacement
                It is easy to reduce the overheads.

              Are you looking for dynamic on-demand Courier Services applications solution?

              At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering custom Courier Services app development services.

              Salient Features ofApp On-Demand Delivery Service

              The Courier services at Dev Technosys are easy to access and highly secure having multiple payment gateway options. Some of the salient features of our courier services are

              Easy tracking

              The experienced professionals at Dev Technosys bring feature-rich courier services through which the customer can get a variety of benefits. They can not only track the parcel easily but also can integrate multiple location options to track their parcel.

              Digital signature

              Our courier application services are developed by experts that enable the customers to get ultimate solutions. In the digital era, we emphasize digital signatures so that our customers can get incredible courier service at your doorstep. This also enables us to secure our platform even better.

              Reliable management system

              Our online courier services make sure to turn the multilayered management of the involved services convenient for the customer as well as the delivery party. We have integrated efficient management system status so that the functioning remains organized and systematic.

              Push notifications

              The on-demand delivery service developers at Dev Technosys have specifically considered the requirements to design the platform suitable for the customers. Entire courier services of what platform are integrated in such a way that both the involved parties get an instant alert with the parcel. This enables them to prepare for receiving the parcel or picking the parcel.

              Online payment modes

              The courier services at Dev Technosys efficiently involved the multiple online payment gateways. This feature is integrated by our experienced professionals and we have made sure to include misc payment modes to our platform. This helps us cover a large customer base and enable us to offer convenience to them.


              Our courier services are completely secure and transparent. We make sure to update the entire information frequently and conduct in-depth tracking processes so that the data and services remain secure. At Dev Technosys no misconduct or beaches are found causing inconvenience to the users and protection of data is the core of our platform.

              Benefits of Using Our Courier Services Solutions

              At Dev Technosys we highly consider robust on-demand courier services. There are some irrepressible benefits that we offer to our customers including

              Live Geo tracking

              It is always helpful for the users to live track of their parcel in real-time. We have efficiently integrated optimal solutions in our application through which the customers can easily see their nearest courier person carrying their parcel and live track it.

              Booking cancellation

              Most of the users face difficulty when they have to somehow cancel the booking or require some changes in it. We offer absolute comfort to our customers whenever they are required to change or cancel their booking in real-time without causing any financial loss to them.

              Coordination with a delivery person

              As we have mentioned earlier our courier services are absolutely reliable and have a customer-centric approach with them. We provide an interactive interface to our customers so that they can easily deal with the concerned person carrying their parcel. Through this interface, they can not only call the involved person through our platform but they can also have the exchange of messages.

              Work history

              Through our work history, we have made it extremely convenient for our customers as well as courier personnel to check for their previous bookings. This service history will help them gain access to their previous points of all the service requests made after booking through our platform.

              Ratings and review

              It is an extremely important and helpful advantage that we offer to our customers as well as courier delivery person. This helps them get a better understanding of our services and if they are satisfied with our services or felt the need to have some improvisations then they can follow it through the review system.

              Detailed profile

              We have made sure to have a detailed profile of our customers as well as involved parties. We also emphasize to provide regularly updated information so that one can easily access the precise information about the times of need.