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              CodeIgniter is a PHP open-source framework which unleashes great speed to the development processes of various projects such as Web Apps, Websites, Portals etc. At Dev Technosys we are an expert CodeIgniter PHP development Company that has an extensive knowledge of the development syntax and its features. We utilise the high-agility of the framework to render web projects the advantages of being feature-rich and empowered with high-efficiency front-end and back-end. This community powered PHP framework gives abundant pair of libraries for common work tasks, simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries, which help us deliver you robust, visually stunning websites and web applications in matter of little time. Here we are all expert team that makes your web development task easy.

              What makes ours CodeIgniter Developer Different in IT space?

              Be it our technical expertise, or our in-depth knowledge of an enterprise peculiar needs, we are perfect blend of tech and management. Some of the many reasons which make us incredible team of developers are:

              Custom Web Application

              Customised and feature-rich development of web applications that are high-performing, scalable and enhance your business value, our developers transform your business into technically-sound enterprise.

              e-Commerce Websites

              High-performing, responsive user interface that makes your enterprise standout in the sea of online store-fronts, we help you build world class e-Commerce websites that efficiently handle sensitive data.

              Corporate Applications Development

              Corporate Application development requires a high-end scalable element in them, thus we take care of your corporate B2B and B2C business needs and thus lavish high-scalability to deliver you best results.

              Integration with third party API’s

              To enhance your end-user experience we take a lot of efforts to offer them personal customisation and features that attract them, also we skilfully integrate 3rd party API’s like payment gateways, email services, social media services, analytics etc

              Maintenance and Up-gradation

              We are 24*7 committed to your enterprise and we believe in delivering you best results, in the stream of which we deploy a 24*7 assistance to you for maintenance and upgradation work, that keep your enterprise ahead of time.

              Latest Work

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              • TRTCLE is a platform that provides high quality continuing legal education. It offers cross-platform lessons in the form of recorded video courses, live lectures, and lectures via teleconference. It focuses on the multitude of course subjects a...

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              Why hire CodeIgniter Developers?

              Dev Technosys is an ‘expert only’ team which deploys seasoned developers that are certified and well versed with advance technology, latest tools. At here, we study each aspect of new technology and lavish its benefits to our clients. We are highly experienced at working on latest as well as standard developing platforms and frameworks. Our offshore development help reduce the overall development cost reduction with the perks of world class quality.


              Experience and Expertise evoking Innovation.


              Different Hiring models for different enterprise needs

              Full time

              Hiring developers for a complete day that includes daily work reports and providing daily status of development.

              Part time

              Hiring a developer for 4 hours, best for upgrades and web design with daily reports of development work status


              Customise the number of hours your enterprise require and the services that you would like to hire for.

              What our clients are saying

              Dev Technosys delivered everything they promised and their team did an excellent job of breaking down the project requirements to build useful software. In-house agents have reported greater efficiency and increased profit thanks to the site’s ability to manage properties and payments.

              Huda Al Lawati,

              Dev Technosys has consistently provided a strong level of service and quality of deliverables. Fully committed to securing satisfaction, they offer honest and useful advice to maximize the budget. A skilled team, they have the client’s best interests at heart in all of their consultation.

              Ibrahim Tamer

              The work completed by the Dev Technosys team is of high quality and meets the requirements. They offered several design options to choose from that were attractive and fit for purpose. Despite some language barriers with the developers, the project is managed well.

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