Our Loyalty App Design and Development Process

              Providing your customer's value is one of the best ways to engage them for longer and longer with your brand. But for that, you must know their requirements and understand their expectations to boost your customer retention.

              Enduring Rewards

              Lasting rewards that provide long term customer benefits, customer rewards, customer points based on transaction value.


              Creating daily impact in user lives with merchandize deals for every day, particular dates, weekends, and happy hours.

              Import Content

              Loyalty App Development that brings all the data such as videos, photos, menus, and much more on a single app.

              Card or Cardless Programs

              A user-friendly approach to provide effortless transaction and add more convenience in engaging with your brand with alternate identifiers such as email id, FB logins and more.

              Winning Features of Our Loyalty Program App Development

              • Custom-Built Rewards

                Personalized rewards like vouchers, bonus points. That works for your business.

              • Boost Customer Insight

                Personalized rewards like vouchers, bonus points. That works for your business.

              • Social Referral

                Win more customers by allowing your current customers to refer your brand and get exciting rewards for exchange.

              • Online & in-store

                Reward your customers in-store and online to increase your customer engagement and retain them for a long time.

              • Loyalty Tiers

                Give more flexibility to your users to engage with you as per their purchase power, create gold, silver, and other tiers.

              • Encourage Reviews

                Customer reviews allow more people to know about your brand; you can even choose to provide them with reward points.

              How it Works?

              • 1

                Add Customers inevitably

                At the time of checkout, customers are inevitably added to your loyalty program app wherein their account is credited with reward points as per their purchases.

              • 2

                Credit Rewards/ Bonus Points on Every Purchase

                Loyalty Program App Development gets the point on every purchase they made, thus uplifting them to spend more to unlock more rewards.

              • 3

                Seamless reward reclamation

                Loyalty Program App Design that provides quick and easy access to checkout with the flexibility to offer unique coupon codes and add and eliminating the new and used rewards from user accounts automatically.

              • 4

                Social Media Referrals

                Make the most of social media platforms to reach more users and consumers, allowing your current users to invite friends and relatives. To make their first purchase at your store and win reward points.

              Our PORTFOLIO

              • The single wallet for all inCust loyalty programs, in which you participate. With inCust app, you can - check the balance in each loyalty program - receive special offers sent to you by shops and services - authenticate on checkout withou...

              • Are you tired of searching for your plastic reward card while checking out at the store? Are you looking for a free solution which will not take your information?...

              Charter is to make IT think, talk and perform like a business

              Loyalty App Development Benefits

              Loyalty Program App Development, Loyalty Program App Design, Loyalty App Development

              • ? Customer Loyalty app development for sales encouragement.

              • ? Loyalty App Design and Development for process streamlining.

              • ? Extensive benefits for brand loyalty development

              • ? Loyalty App for employee engagement promotion

              • ? Customer loyalty app that allows you to gain market ground.

              • ? Customer Loyalty Solutions for sales techniques development

              • ? Loyalty program application for employee motivation augmentation.


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