Medicine Delivery App Development

              Top-notch Pharmacy App Development Solutions

              At Dev Technosys, we aim at working closely with pharmacy chains, e-pharmacy startups and organizations, and hospitals all around towards creating a seamless medicine ordering capability with the help of our innovative pharmacy home delivery app solutions.

              Medical App Development Solutions

              At Dev Technosys, we aim at providing high-end home delivery medicine app that generates increased revenues for your business.

              Inventory Management Software

              Effective inventory management software through our pharmacy software development solutions help the business enterprise keep track of the shipment, inventory, orders, and requirements of medicines properly.

              Sales and Distribution Software

              At Dev Technosys, we aim at presenting the feature-rich sales and distribution software through the pharmacy delivery app –capable of handling the overall sales and distribution activities at both the offline as well as the online pharma store.

              Effective Supply Chain Management

              The implementation of the supply chain management system in the interactive pharmacy home delivery app helps the business enterprise in keeping track of the demand as well as the supply of medicines in the pharma store or company.

              How We Empower the Pharmacy Delivery App

              At Dev Technosys, we aim at creating high-end, feature-rich home delivery medicine app that maximizes the ROI of the business enterprises involved in the segment you deal in.

              • POS Software

                We create robust POS software solution that is capable of handling purchase and sales across thousands of pharmacy retail stores.

              • Multi-lingual Capabilities

                The mobile and web platforms of our innovative pharmacy delivery app development offer support for multiple languages as well as currencies.

              • Multi-Platform Feature

                Our professional app developers create interactive pharmacy home delivery app for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. The platforms upon which our on-demand medicine delivery app works are fully responsive and provide interactive dashboards for the overall ease of use.

              • 24/7 Support

                At Dev Technosys, our professional team provides round-the-clock support and assistance for full maintenance and convenience.

              How it Works?

              The doorstep delivery of the medicines and pharmacy products is a simplified process that functions on the on-demand medicine delivery app development model.

              • 1

                Search for Medicines

                The end users can browse through the multiple categories of medicines that they wish to purchase, and get it delivered to their homes.

              • 2

                Add Medicines to the Cart

                Once the users have come across the medicines of their choice, they can add the same to the cart and proceed to Checkout.

              • 3

                Pay and Track the Order

                With the help of the user-friendly medicine home delivery app, users can get real-time updates by tracking the order. Moreover, the pharmacy delivery app development that we create is highly secure in terms ofdoing payments and storing details.

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              Feature-rich Pharmacy Delivery App Customer Panel

              • Uploading Prescription

                Clicking and uploading the medical prescription on the mobile app.

              • Easy onboarding

                The customers can get started with the seamless social and email login options.

              • Drug Information

                The users can get detailed drug information before placing any order.

              • Order tracking

                Get real-time updates about medicine order from the mobile app.

              • Manage profile

                The users can also manage the individual profiles by providing information.

              • Medicine Reminders

                The users can receive smart alerts and updates about taking medicines on time and re-stocking the same when needed

              Feature-rich Pharmacy Delivery App Pharmacist Panel

              • Dedicated Interface

                The pharmacists get to utilize the user-friendly, interactive interface for creating and managing orders.

              • Order notifications

                Receive alerts and notifications about respective pharmacy orders through the web or email notifications.

              • Digital Prescriptions

                The app offers the ease of reviewing the digitized prescriptions uploaded by the customers.

              Feature-rich Pharmacy Delivery App Admin Panel

              • Manage inventory

                Adding new medicines, getting alerts about low medicine inventory, managing medicine pricing, and so more.

              • Manage Pharmacists

                Building and managing the experienced network of medicine experts for reviewing the orders.

              • Manage Orders

                The admin can view all the medicine orders at a single place, track the respective status along with fulfillment details.

              • Manage Customers

                Keeping a secure database about the customers and their vital information.

              • Content Management

                Managing content on the medicine delivery app and web portal.

              • Reporting and Analytics

                Getting meaningful insights on the pharmaceutical business for ensuring data-driven decision making.

              Are you in search of a dynamic pharmacy delivery app development solution?

              At Dev Technosys, we extend the relevant expertise of our talented, qualified medical app developers for your pharmacy business.

              Salient Features of the Interactive Home Delivery Medicine App

              At Dev Technosys, we aim at extending a comprehensive range of pharmacy app development solutions with salient features for the overall ease of use.

              Schedule Delivery or Order Now

              Allowing the customers to order the prescribed medicines instantly or schedule the order at a particular date or day as per their preference.

              Push Notification

              The pharmacy delivery app allows the pharmacists to send bulk push notifications to the end users.

              Managing Online Outlets

              The pharmacists or business owners can list all the available medicines or drugs in the given online outlet by specifying particular details like name, price, quantity, and description of the medicines.

              Ease of Payments

              The customers can make instant, secure payments with the help of the secure payment gateway offered by the app.

              Discounts and Offers

              The end users can receive real-time updates about the upcoming discounts and offers on medicines through push notifications.

              Benefits of Pharmacy Delivery App Development

              With all these practices aligned well to meet user demands, we aim at providing the mobile-first medicine app development solution customized as per the individual needs of the customers.

              Customizable App

              Our professional mobile app developers design and develop a fully-branded app with the option of customizing as per the specific requirements of the customers.

              Time and Cost-effective

              Our team of professional medical app developers aims at creating a customized medicine home delivery solution that is both time as well as cost-effective.

              Amazing UI/UX

              The different app panels including customer, pharmacist, and admin panels have been designed attractively with feature-rich design specifications.

              Robust and Scalable

              Our medical app developers make use of the powerful technology stack for delivering a highly scalable medicine ordering and delivery platform.

              Native Experiences

              Our high-end solution includes native pharmacy ordering and delivery apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

              Global Design

              We aim at providing relevant support with multi-lingual and multi-currency support for global reach.