Tutor App Development

              Among the various advantages of tutor apps solutions and top market competition, Dev Technosys offers reliable services to its users. Our services even had an expansion from various other on-demand solutions. An incredible tutor absolution can be set as the best investment one can make in the flourishing education sector and our services appeal to ease with educating young minds offering a set of opportunities.

              Our tutor app services have a little essence from theUber Tutor App Development segment and it allows the users to call for the service at their home. The integration of tutor app solutions is specific and initially corresponds to the students.


              We have a specialty in designing custom applications for tutors that can eventually benefit the students as well. Our Tutor Finder App Development services are highly integrated with the best and we also make sure that the tutors, as well as the students, can have a common platform to connect with each other.

              Provide best tutors

              For many students, the common troubles observed in studies involving that they cannot align well with their teachers. We have paid attention to all such instances and integrated helpful solutions at our platform. We can provide the best tutors who are not only the subject experts but have some attractive teaching skills.

              Custom subject solutions

              The subjects provided at our platform or not at all limited rather students can easily customize it as per their requirements or preferred studies. Right from calculus, algebra or statistics to chemistry, botany or zoology, we can provide different subjects to the students.

              Creative interface

              If not considered specifically then teaching becomes monotonous for tutors as well as students. Through our App for Private Tutors, we provide the creative user interface and teaching dynamics that every student can easily relate to. This factor also cuts off irregular materials.

              Teaching integration

              The tutor app services at Dev Technosys are incredible offering maximum assistance and support to the customers. The students associated with our platform can easily integrate the learning materials and other details to their web pages easily following a few clicks. This is a convenient segment for the students.


              These services are included in a very specific segment of our On-Demand Tutor App Development because our emphasis is entirely on the customer's convenience. Delivering the best is our foremost priority and we do not leave any spot to make their teaching experience awesome. We have incredible technologies tech and by implementing the same we empower the teaching dynamics.

              • Smart attendance

                This is one of the most crucial factors that tutors have to deal with every day and it is even tiring. We conduct smart attendance through our tutor app services in which the parents are notified about their children's attendance and regular reports.

              • Insightful reports

                Our tutor app services also provide personalized reports with the student’s performance and behavior. This significantly helps the parents get an insight into their progress and even the student can himself track his performance and check where the improvisation is required.

              • Communication module

                Our platform has an effective communication module where the tutors can easily communicate with the parents at any time. Whenever any of them is busy then the chat can also be disabled. This communication module is extremely reliable in case of any emergency.

              • Fees records

                Our fee modules are designed in a reliable manner where the parents or students do not have to carry the receipts every time. We also generate automatic reminders regarding the fee or due installments in order to avoid any consequences.

              • Privacy control and online test

                About tutor application services provide easy control to the admin as well as an involved tutor. Through this bacon easily conduct the online test powered by AI algorithms and automatic checking.

              • Class management

                At Dev Technosys, we offer plenty of specially designed tutor services to the students as well as the tutors. They help them get rid of the never-ending paperwork and they can easily manage the students.

              How Does it Works?

              At Dev Technosys we have the professional to guarantee the student's convenience and they also make sure that through real-time features the students only get the best. Abba tutor app services are easy and one can excess them with few simple clicks. The process follows as-

              • 1

                Easy signup

                The students can easily sign up on our platform with their email address or login directly through social media accounts. This will enable them to get direct access to our services and easily make a request for the teaching sessions without any inconvenience.

              • 2

                Search for the tutor

                Once the student has registered themselves to our platform they can generate requests by searching the professional tutors with few keywords. We have integrated advanced filters and search options so that they can only get the best tutors available who are also the subject experts.

              • 3

                Review the profile and select

                We allow the students to review the tutor profiles and make the selection based upon their discretion. If there is any query then we have a communication panel in which the student can also leave their comments and wait until a response comes back. The selection of Tutor is based upon students.

              • 4

                Scheduling the service

                Until now you don't have to deal with much because within a few clicks you can easily book for the tutor app services at our platform. Once the request is generated the tutor will finalize the schedules as per his convenience and our push notifications will make sure to inform you regarding the same.

              • 5

                Payment mode

                Meanwhile as soon as the request gets accepted the student will be asked to make the payment. This can be done through e-wallet as well as credit or debit cards and other net banking options. We have the most secure and safest online payment mode.

              Our PORTFOLIO

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              As an on-demand app development, we never hesitate to go the extra mile to deliver the ultimate level of comfort and services to our customers. Anything that can lead us to cater to and serve our customers we duly concern it.

              • Easy signup
                Accessing our services is easy.

              • Profile creation
                The tutor can create their customizable profiles.

              • Scheduling the services
                Students and tutors can schedule the sessions.

              • Track tutor
                It gets easy to track the tutor.

              • Push notifications
                Push up notifications confirms the request.

              • Service charges
                Students can view the service charge for App for Private Tutors.

              Are you looking for dynamic on-demand Tutor app development

              At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering custom Tutor app development

              Salient Features ofOUR TUTOR APP

              We have integrated some extremely e reliable features in our Twitter apps solutions.

              Instant Requests

              We offer instant services to our tutors as well as students. Through the On-Demand Tutor App Development solutions, the users can easily search and request for the services easily. We have integrated advanced search options and optimal features with the requirement placed on our platform.

              Perfect matching

              We have the perfect matching parameters and this feature easily allowed the users to see only the best home tutors available as per their requirements. This integration feature is highly beneficial for the users because they can get the best even after their multiple search criteria.


              Our touting apps solutions provide an easy interface to the customers for students to book for the teaching schedules easily without any hassle. We also provide the students with further or earlier dates of time of their schedules so that they do not feel the inconvenience while study sessions.


              It is extremely important for the admins to check for tutors as well as potential students who can leverage their services. We have inculcated some additional features through the tracking options and this enables the admins to check for the location and current status of the tutors in real-time.

              Subject allocation

              Our subject allocation follows the specialized technical stack Development and we provide enough controls to the admin to check for it. The Tutor Finder App Development solutions provided at Dev Technosys are excellent for students because they conduct ultimate subject allocation which is equally convenient for the tutors as well.


              Even in terms of payment modes we have the best in-app wallet system promoting the cashless payment with absolute convenience. Through our payment mode system, you do not have two entirely depend upon net banking, credit or debit cards for accessing the app solutions and easily make payment with e-wallet.

              Benefits of Using OurTUTOR APP SOLUTIONS

              Our dedicated professionals work day and night in order to convey the best services to the students with our tutor app development solutions platform

              Dedicated professionals

              At Dev Technosys the student can rest assured to get the best and we have dedicated resources that entirely work for authentic projects for the students. We also empower the tutors, admin panels, students and other involved persons with us so that altogether they can utilize their usability and time resources.

              Flexible environment

              Ours is a flexible environment in which the tutors are free to make decisions with their sessions. We are extreme on our flexible terms and we intend to keep the same for students as well. In case of any immediate cause, we undertake the considerations offered by the third party individuals as well as the students or tutors

              No overheads

              This is one of the most significant advantages offered by our platform that we only charge for the services that we quote. This means that there will be no overheads and no surprise quotes under any circumstances. We also eliminate the money jargon and make efforts to offer ultimate transparency to our customers.

              Comprehensive updates

              In most of the on-demand application services it is extremely important to keep a close eye on the entire process and scheduling. We offer real-time analytics and reporting systems to maintain discrete transparency and to make sure that each and everyone receives regular updates regarding the process.


              Security is one of the other fronts that we do not make any compromise with. At our platform, it is mandatory to make the workstations secure along with integrating the best security services for students as well as the tutors.

              24*7 support

              The young and creative minds require consistent support with accurate knowledge and skills. Our tutor app solutions avoid any sort of communication barrier and we have integrated the best interactive models at our platform in order to remain connected with our loyal customers and service providers.