Custom Web Portal Development Company

              DevTechnosys is a Web Portal Development Company that specialises at creating rich, highly-immersive online experience through B2B and B2C Web Portal Development. At DevTechnosys you will find a wide range of web portal development services for industry-specific solutions such as e-Commerce, Social Networking, Job Portals, Real Estate etc. We aim at making robust and attractive Web Portals that are customer-friendly and secure. With our high-skilled developers and efficient integration of cutting-edge technology, we are able to minimize downtime. Our Custom-Built e-Commerce Web Portals help B2B enterprises to send-receive-share huge data flows with partners, suppliers and customers through a secured channel.

              Charter is to make IT think, talk and perform like a business.

              High-Resulting Web Portal Development Services

              DevTechnosys web portal development services are formulated to custom-fit your enterprises peculiar needs. At DevTechnosys we custom-craft each web portal and empower them with speed, functionality and performance to embark optimum results.

              E-COMMERCE PORTALS

              We simplify product ‘showcasing’ and ‘sell’ by minimizing downtime with our e-commerce development services.

              CMS SERVICES

              Efficient and highly administered CMS Portal Solutions that help you organise and market your product and services.


              Enriched with intuitive and efficient features, our scalable and secure enterprise portals for large corporations, sustains them and compete for greater profits.

              B2B WEB PORTALS

              High performing B2B web Portals render ‘better’ and ‘secure’ data exchange. Our web Portals stimulates high-resulting business communication for improved problem solving and productivity.


              Our integrated 3rd party payment gateways and e-Payment system to your web portal, opens it up to more customers. More payment options can lead to more sales.


              We maintain Web Portal to optimise your business potential by powerful upgrades and troubleshooting 3rd Party payment integration.

              Our PORTFOLIO

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              Types of Web Portals

              When you are hiring professional web portal development services, it is imperative for you to know about the different types of web portals out there. Upon hiring reliable services from a portal development company, here are some of the types of website portals that you can expect from the same:

              Personal Web Portals

              A personal website portal is a webpage located on the local HTML page or the World Wide Web. This type of website portal might even run in a modified form of web browser. A personal web portal development is mostly known to provide customized capabilities to the local users or visitors. Also, the website might also provide access to other types of content on the portal to the visitors.

              Government-based Web Portals

              By the end of the World Wide Web boom during the 1990s, most of the government organizations out there started creating websites for the respective citizens. The website by government organizations and state bodies included primary portals for the government authorities along with government based web portal development to cater different services for public officials or general public.

              Cultural Web Portals

              These portals combine digital forms of cultural collections, including libraries, galleries, museums, and archives. Cultural web portal development is known to offer access to invisible cultural content that might not be indexed by leading search engines. The digital forms of collections related to cultural portals might include journals, artworks, books, newspapers, photography, sound recordings, music files, diaries, letters, maps, archived websites, and films.

              Corporate Web Portals

              With the advent of the Internet and websites, corporate intranets became more famous during the 1990s. As the domain of intranets started growing & expanding in size and complexity, the webmasters started facing increasing challenges with respect to user and content management. As such, most of the companies started offering tools that could help webmasters manage the respective applications, data, and information quite easily.

              Stock Web portals

              These are also known as stock-share website portals, stock exchange website portals, or stock market website portals. These are specialized web-based applications or web portal development that are known to facilitate the processing of providing information to the respective shareholders about vital online data. The data might include the latest news, the latest price of stocks, ask or bids, announcements, reports, and so more.

              Search Web Portals

              These website portals are known to aggregate search results from a wide number of search engines into a single page to serve users with results when a search is triggered. You can come across search web portal development that specialize in a single product or service. For instance, property-search website portals.

              Property Web Portals

              Property website portals are known for aggregating data related to properties for sale in the given region or inclusively for different areas. This information is mostly provided to such portals by the real estate agents or contributed by the user community and facilitated by the team of curators and administrators.

              Tender Web Portals

              Such website portals serve to be the gateway for most of the government-based suppliers. Using tender web portal development, the suppliers usually bid on the provision of specific goods & services. Most of the tender website portals are known to allow the users to search, submit, modify, archive, and review data for providing a complete set of online tendering mechanism.

              Hosted Web Portals

              Hosted portals have gained popularity in the recent years and a number of organizations have started offering hosted service through portals. The market for hosted web portals has changed fundamentally in terms of the composition of the website portals. In several ways, these portals have served to be a simple tool for laying out vital information rather than significant goals of ensuring the integration of legacy applications.

              Why Choose DevTechnosys?

              While the web portals we make at DevTechnosys are open to businesses of all sizes and industries, they all have certain attributes in common, such as: streamlining data for both your customers and vendors, managing content so it’s more engaging for consumers, and reducing waste through updating inefficient processes. Resulting to strengthen of your brand, better sales almost immediately, and provides long-term growth due to increased productivity. Our quality assured web portal developments are best in leveraging immediate gains and long-term growth.

              On time delivery

              We value time and money and thus we ensure on-time delivery of products of high quality in niche of cost.

              Visually stunning

              We create web projects and applications that are attractive to cater higher user experience.

              All industries covered

              We have expertise in developing business applications of a major industry. You name it we build it.

              Business upgradation

              With technology advancing every day, we understand the need of businesses to be updated. Be it Wearables, IoT, chatbots we ‘ace’ latest technology.

              Web & Enterprise Portals Optimized For Success(Process)

              Before we create any portal, we make careful note of your objectives and exact specifications regarding scale, design, features, UX, payment gateways, and other useful details. This blueprint allows DevTechnosys to create a portal that’s optimized for success and uniquely targets your customers, thus vastly increasing your revenue potential while bringing down costs due to inefficiencies.

              What our clients are saying

              Dev Technosys delivered everything they promised and their team did an excellent job of breaking down the project requirements to build useful software. In-house agents have reported greater efficiency and increased profit thanks to the site’s ability to manage properties and payments.

              Huda Al Lawati,

              Dev Technosys has consistently provided a strong level of service and quality of deliverables. Fully committed to securing satisfaction, they offer honest and useful advice to maximize the budget. A skilled team, they have the client’s best interests at heart in all of their consultation.

              Ibrahim Tamer

              The work completed by the Dev Technosys team is of high quality and meets the requirements. They offered several design options to choose from that were attractive and fit for purpose. Despite some language barriers with the developers, the project is managed well.

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